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Tunisia - Tourism & Holidays


Tunisia is an eclectic blend of people and scenery and has allowed many individuals, couples and families to enjoy a beautiful time in this location

Top 10 Hotels in Sousse

It’s one of the tourist hotspots of Tunisia – but this in itself makes Sousse a challenging place to visit for visitors.

Scheherazade Hotel Sousse

It’s one of the newer hotels in the region, but Scheherazade Hotel Sousse is certainly one of the most impressive. It holds all of the amenities you’d expect from a Tunisian hotel, from a picturesque pool, versatile restaurant to comfortable bedrooms. This is an establishment which has been recently refurbished and you can certainly tell, with all of the facilities completely top of the range. To top it all off, the staff that work here are some of the nicest around.

Marhaba Beach Hotel

As the name may suggest, this hotel has plenty of ties with the beach. In fact, it has its own beach – so the walk really is one of the shortest you’ll ever find to the sands. The pool is also worth a mention and has countless slides to keep the kids entertained, while the evening entertainment will keep most older visitors satisfied as well. The food is very respectable and once again, the staff will ensure your stay is more than satisfactory.

Moevenpick Resort & Marine Spa Sousse

For some holidaymakers, topping up the tan won’t suffice. They’ll need the complete works; and this includes their usual gym and beauty regimes. This is where Moevenpick Resort & Marine Spa Sousse comes into play and is ideal for those “active” tourists. The gym is flawless and has umpteen classes available, while all of the rooms are spotless and have a view to die for.

Marhaba Salem

The vast majority of hotels on this list have friendly staff, but those that work at the Marhaba Salem are something else. They will transform your stay although fortunately, this isn’t everything what the hotel has to offer. It provides large clean rooms, a great all-inclusive restaurant while the rest of the local amenities like shops are within walking distance.

Couples Sousse

If you’re on the lookout for a romantic getaway, the name of this hotel should highlight that it’s the one for you. Couples Sousse has built a reputation on romantic breaks, with the hotel pushing the boat out to make your stay as personalised as possible for you and your partner. Of course, it’s not necessarily reserved solely for these visitors, and even if you travel alone or part of a group of friends you’ll still be able to take advantage of the excellent facilities which include a pool and restaurant. Additionally, make sure you arrive on time – the welcome party is something else!

Tour Khalef Marhaba Thalasso & Spa

Pitched beside the sea, those visitors who are lucky enough to be based on the right side of the building will have access to one of the best views they’ll ever experience. However, there is far more to the Tour Khalef Marhaba Thalasso & Spa than that, with a versatile restaurant, entertainment for all ages and decent sized rooms being worthy of a mention.

Marhaba Royal Salem

Unsurprisingly, this is a hotel which lives up to its ‘Royal’ reputation. It has all of the facilities you’d expect, with an excellent outside pool and lounging area probably being the pick of them. The restaurant will accommodate everyone, including picky little ones, while the rooms are just what you’d expect from a resort of this type. Some have likened Marhaba Royal Salem as “5* on a budget” – and that’s a perfect way to describe it.

Marhaba Hotel

Even though this next hotel excludes the “Royal” description, don’t let that lead you to believe that it’s something of a poor second choice. Instead, the Marhaba Hotel is just as worthy of a mention and includes very similar facilities. The entertainment team that work at this hotel are seen as one of the best around and will do anything in their power to ensure that your evenings are something to remember. Still, this doesn’t mean to say that it’s a non-family friendly hotel, as during the day the staff will again work wonders to ensure that your little ones are kept satisfied.

Orient Palace

For those that like to spend a lot of time on the outer grounds of the hotel, the Orient Palace could be a great choice. The pool and surrounding areas are absolutely second to none and probably some of the best around out of all of the facilities mentioned. The restaurant will again cater for numerous cuisines, while this is another facility which boasts an excellent entertainment team who will keep your days, and perhaps more importantly evenings, busy.

Hotel El Ksar

With many of the rooms at Hotel El Ksar being newly decorated, anyone that stays here is sure of a luxurious treat. However, this isn’t the only element which sells Hotel El Ksar and visitors can be set for friendly staff, an excellent evening entertainment schedule as well as a restaurant that will be up everyone’s street. With the beach being a stone’s throw away as well, this is an establishment which will provide the perfect stay for many.

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