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Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale

The first generation of Giulias appeared in June 1962, making its debut at the Monza Autodrome.

The cars shared the same bodies as their Giulietta counterparts and the 1963 Giulia SS on display in this exhibition was developed using aerodynamic testing carried out on the Turin-Milan motorway. The new 4-cylinder engine was based on the classic Alfa Romeo design of hemispheric combustion chambers and valves controlled directly by twin overhead camshafts. It was this car that spearheaded the Alfa Romeo marketing campaign that led to wider international sales of the brand's products.

According to Alfa Romeo factory files, this Giulietta Sprint Speciale left the Arese factory on November 27, 1961. The first owner purchased the car on January 29, 1962, in France, and it is recorded as being sold to the “Régie Nationale Usines, Billancourt, France,” which is, in fact, the Renault factory. Why they bought the Alfa is not known; however, it should be noted that the two companies had signed a joint-venture agreement in 1958, which, among other things, saw Alfa building a version of the Renault Dauphine and R8 in Italy. The Sprint Speciale eventually found its way to Holland, where it was restored. It was then sold to a gentleman in Spain, from whom the previous owner purchased it several years ago. He then brought it to the United States, where it was acquired by the current owner.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale engine

The Sprint Speciale is one of the most attractive Alfa Romeos of its era. It is a car that is at home on any vintage rally, and it always stands out, even among the most elite of sports-racing cars. Presented here is an example ready to be driven with enjoyment on any twisting mountain route or open desert road.

General characteristics

engine: Inline-4

valvetrain: DOHC

displacement: 1570 cc / 95.8 in³

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale

bore: 78 mm / 3.07 in

stroke: 82 mm / 3.23 in

compression: 9.7:1

power: 96.2 kw / 129.0 bhp @ 6500 rpm

specific output: 82.17 bhp per litre

bhp/weight: 125.12 bhp per tonne

torque: 130.2 nm / 96.0 ft lbs @ 4500 rpm

body / frame: Unit Steel

driven wheels: Front Engine / RWD

front tires: 155-15

rear tires: 155-15

front brakes: F Discs / R Drums

f brake size: mm / in

r brake size: mm / in

steering: Worm $ Roller

curb weight: 1031 kg / 2273 lbs

wheelbase: 2250 mm / 88.6 in

front track: 1290 mm / 50.8 in

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale

rear track: 1267 mm / 49.9 in

length: 4120 mm / 162.2 in

width: 1554 mm / 61.2 in

height: 1275 mm / 50.2 in

transmission: 5-Speed Manual

gear ratios: 3.31:1, 1.99:1, 1.36:1, 1.00:1, 0.79:1, :1

final drive: 4.56:1

top speed: ~180.2 kph / 112.0 mph

0 - 60 mph: ~12.0 seconds

0 - 1/4 mile: ~18.0 seconds

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