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Bogner Sportswear

Bogner sportswear

In 1932 Willy Bogner began to import skis and knitwear from Norway. Today, the Bogner brand is represented in 36 countries and has its own stores in most cosmopolitan cities like New York and Tokyo.

Willy Bogner senior was one of the first athletes from Central Europe who were successful in cross-country skiing and ski jumping. He became German Champion in Nordic Combined eleven times. In addition he worked as a trainee in the Munich based clothes shop “Loden-Frey”. At the age of 22 Bogner decided to start his own business. Supported by Gustl Feldmeier he founded the “Willy Bogner Ski-Vertrieb” in Munich. It became an import deal store for skis, skiing accessories, and knitwear from Norway very soon. Such he combined his passions for sports and business.

In 1937 Willy Bogner senior marries Maria Lux. They met on the Zugspitzplatt near Garmisch. From now on Maria Bogner is responsible for the design of the fashion collection. That comes quite natural to her because she combines glamour, elegance, and style in her personality. The company´s secret of success has always been “Sports and Style”. The style-part is inspired by Maria.

James Bond ski-suit Bogner sportswear

Willy Bogner, Jr. was a familiar face in the international ski scene until 1967, when he decided to concentrate his efforts on film-making. He returned in 1971 to launch his first ski collection, Formula W. An American outlet in Newport, Vermont was created in 1973 while a tennis fashion line debuted the following year. A golf fashion line was created in 1976. When his father died in 1977, Bogner returned to Munich from America to assume control of the company. In 1983, a sunglasses line was created.

bogner ski suit

He has worked as a cameraman in several films requiring complex ski footage. His most notable work in this field can be seen in James Bond films from the 1960s through to the 1980s, specifically On Her Majesty's Secret Service, The Spy Who Loved Me, For Your Eyes Only and A View to a Kill – for which he won the prestigious Bambi Award in 1985 and the Bavarian Film Award, Special Prize, in 1986.

Playing James Bond in all but the first of these, Roger Moore wears Bogner ski wear, as do many other characters in skiing scenes.

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