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Ferrari 250 GTO

Ferrari 250 GTO

The Ferrari 250 GT is a Gran Turismo built by the auto mobile giants Ferrari. The car was manufactured from 1962 to 1964 especially for homologation (motorsport) into the Group 3 Gran Turismo racing category of the FIA.

The car is priced at $18,000 in the American market and the potential buyers had to be personally approved by Enzo Ferrari and Luigi Chinetti, his dealer for North America. A total of 36 GTO models were made during the years 1962 – 1963. This car was built mainly for races and it has the racing DNA embedded into its soul. Hence, from designing to performance, the car is a typical race machine.

Ferrari interior

Unlike all the other posh Ferraris, the interior of Ferrari 250 GTO was very basic, and there were no fancy knobs or switches as far as electronics was concerned. There was only a basic speedometer attached on the dash board of the vehicle. There was however, the metal gate feature which became a phenomenon and is even used today in select Ferrari models. Designer Sergio Scaglietti was involved in designing the car and this was the only Ferrari, in its time, not to be designed by any fashion house or an individual. There was use of only leather in certain interior parts and that made up for the comfort factor. 250 GTO in true sense was a Ferrari built for pure performance on the race track.

Ferrari 250 GTO Ferrari GTO engine

The Ferrari 250 GTO was designed to race in the Gran Turismo category and hence it was designed as a race car. The car had sleek lines leading to the back of the roof and was an aerodynamic marvel. Designer Sergio Scaglietti was personally involved in the designing of the exterior of the car. There were no exceptional lines on the exterior and no space for any sort of shafts, front or rear wings or even a spoiler option.

General characteristics


Configuration: Tipo 168 Comp/62 60º V12

Location: Front, longitudinally mounted

Construction: light alloy block and head

Displacement: 2.953 liter / 180.2 cu in

Bore / Stroke: 73.0 mm (2.9 in) / 58.8 mm (2.3 in)

Compression: 9.7:1

Valvetrain: 2 valves / cylinder, SOHC

Camshaft: Chain driven

Fuel feed: 6 Weber 38 DCN Carburettors

Lubrication: Dry sump

Aspiration: Naturally Aspirated

Power: 302 bhp / 225 KW @ 7500 rpm

Torque: 333 Nm / 246 ft lbs @ 5500 rpm

BHP/Liter: 102 bhp / liter

Ferrari illustration


Body: aluminium

Chassis: steel elliptical section tubular frame

Front suspension: double wishbones, coil springs, Koni shock absorbers, anti-roll bar

Rear suspension: live axle, semi-elliptic leaf springs, Watt's linkage, Koni shock absorbers

Steering: ZF worm-and-peg

Brakes: Dunlop discs, all-round

Gearbox: 5 speed Manual

Clutch: Dry, single plate

Drive Rear: wheel drive


Weight: 1050 kilo / 2314.9 lbs

Length / Width / Height: 4400 mm (173.2 in)/1675 mm (65.9 in)/1245 mm (49 in)

Wheelbase / Track (fr/r): 2400 mm (94.5 in)/1354 mm (53.3 in)/1346 mm (53 in)

Fuel tank :90 Litre (23.8 Gallon US / 19.8 Gallon Imperial)

Wheels (fr/r): 6 x 15 / 7 x 15


Power to weight: 0.29 bhp / kg

Top Speed: 280 km/h (174 mph)

0-60 mph: 5.8 s

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