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Seiko LC 0674-5009


This watch is very rare and is the exact model (LC 0674-5009) with SEIKO QUARTZ LC and MONTH DATE YEAR on the display worn by Roger Moore as James Bond in the film "The spy who loved me".

In which 007 receives a ticker-tape message on the watch. The Spy Who Loved Me is only a few minutes old before James Bond gets an important message via his stylish digital watch, hereby welcoming Seiko to the Bond franchise. The first of the Seikos to adorn 007′s wrist was the 0674-5009, to be followed by the M354 (Moonraker), H357 (For Your Eyes Only), and G757 and T001 (Octopussy).
While it wasn’t the first non-analog watch to feature in a Bond film (that honour belonged to the Pulsar P2 in Live and Let Die) it heralded the arrival of LCD watches to the mainstream – earlier LCD watches had been prohibitively expensive and produced in small numbers – like Seiko’s 05LC and 06LC.

seiko watch Seiko LC 0674-5009

The Seiko 007 list:

Seiko 0674 ‘Ticker Tape’ wristwatch: 1977 ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’

Seiko m354 Memory Bank ‘Plastique Explosive’ Wristwatch: 1979 ‘Moonraker

Seiko H357 Analog Digital Display with scrolling LED message bar (now they get it!) and two-way radio: 1981 ‘For Your Eyes Only’

Seiko Liquid Crystal TV Watch: 1983 ‘Octopussy’

Seiko G757 Sports 100 (the ultimate collectible) Homing Device/Hidden Microphone Monitor: 1983 ‘Octopussy’

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