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Church's shoes

Stone Church, aptly named as the rock upon which Church’s was founded, was born in 1675 and trained as a cordwainer and master shoemaker. His skills were passed down to his greatgrandson Thomas who opened a small factory with his sons and his wife Eliza in Northampton, on 1st May 1873 ... Read more

Crockett and Jones
Crockett and Jones

Crockett and Jones, founded in 1879, represent England’s history of fine craftsmanship in shoemaking. James Bond (Daniel Craig) wears Crockett & Jones Islay boots when Bond appears in Scotland in SkyFall ... Read more

Adidas Gazelle 2
Adidas Gazelle

Adidas Gazelle Shoes was first released in 1968 as a training shoe and was favoured hugely by UK football fans. Since then, it's been a popular fashion choice. James Bond (Daniel Craig) wears a pair of blue Adidas Gazelle 2 sneakers In the workout scenes in SkyFall ... Read more

Converse Jack Purcell OTR
Converse Jack Purcell OTR

The shoes that Bond wears during the Casino Royale Madagaskar chase scene, are Converse Jack Purcell OTR (On The Road). Color: Chocolate and Paprika ... Read more

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