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2016 Horoscope – Leo

An astrological overview of all signs of the Zodiac for the year 2016!

horoscope sign leo
You have a lot of experience in part to impress others, but 2016 year can turn everything so that the Leo’s have to become those people whom they see others. You need to become more open, honest and sincere person. So will become much easier to live, the current image should be changed.
At the beginning of the year will need to commit to strong action, as the horoscope for the Leo’s in 2016 year promises some very interesting tasks. They will apply to your professional activities, as well as some representatives of the mark will talk frankly with their sweethearts. For single Leo’s this period will provide an opportunity to understand why beside you still don’t have a loved one. Your physical form is very good, but that does not mean that you should stop having your health and body.
In February you will be able to relax a little and bring their house in order. Those business opportunities that you expressed in this period, it is better not to take. In the family everything will be good. For single Leo’s meeting will happen during this period, due to which, they acquire human so long dreamed of.
Do not play roles-be yourself. In early spring, you can expect some difficult issues, but we should not go ahead. Release this problem and solved it by itself.
In April, as promised by the astrologers, Leo is waiting for an offer more adventurous ideas. If you listen to your intuition, it’s only win from these opportunities and get great benefits. Although the risk is voluntary.
Summer is on 2016 year awaits the storm of romance, love and passion. At this point, representatives of the mark can also expect a second honeymoon, and perhaps even the emergence of love triangles. The lone Leo’s expect return to life old relationship. Although it is tempting, but beware: it’s not going to bring for your nerves. Consider everything before you make a decision.
If possible, we recommend that you spend time with young children. This will help you learn harmony and peace.
Beginning of summer can be marked for you loss of vital energy. But this is no reason for despair-take a vacation. It is best to go there together with your loved one. So you don’t have to play any roles, and just be yourself and save up energy.
Once gain, to force again in August to take up a job. However, defend your opinion and do something that will be profitable for you. This will allow you to get the most benefit.
By the beginning of autumn, the Lions can expect a boost in career or addition to your salary. But spending the money you will be best with his family-it takes a lot of pleasant and memorable moments.
Uniting your family, you will be able to hold out for November, as cases begin to filter most of the time and sometimes you won’t even visit the House. Even if it is very hard, do not despair and do not throw anything half way.
Soon all the cases will begin to bring into life income and joy from doing this. In December can be afford to relax and enjoy your stay with family members. And here’s the lone Leo’s will be able to meet the man himself.