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2016 Horoscope – Taurus

An astrological overview of all signs of the Zodiac for the year 2016!

horoscope sign taurus
The past year brought a lot of trouble, because you had to solve a variety of tasks that have been connected not only with personal problems, and care about others. But the year 2016 will bring relief and you will be able to safely and confidently move forward. Of course, we’ll have to work a lot, but the fruits of your activity will bring abundant.
In January, first and foremost, need to strengthen their backs. Take care of the physical and mental condition. Taurus in the year 2016 would be useful exercise and immediately after the new year to go to the gym. Also, you might want to pay attention to their friends and relatives of people-they also want your worries.
In February and March should actively work. This year, you have great chances to climb the career ladder up and welfare will grow. In April, will have to travel a lot. It is in this period Taurus can have several missions, but do not forget about your family-please take the time to travel together.
For single Bulls this period marked the changes in his personal life and you will be able to meet a person who in your destiny will leave a certain mark. Romantic experience you provided for all 100%.
And on the front of love and harmony awaits you in business until May. But during this period, do not try to buy anything too expensive, as well as don’t let debt because the money to you might not return.
The beginning of the summer in the year 2016 for Taurus will take place under the sign of caring for their children. For some there will be news, what awaits you in the family, but it is pleasant to distract worries about choosing baby names or the creation of a child’s room.
Some of you will be able to go to relax, but others may fall out of the need to meet the challenges associated with relatives. In June, an auspicious time to make repairs or even change your living space. Such worries will awaken in you children’s joy.
July will bring Taurus new tasks that you can perform with success, all listings in this period were extremely successful. Generally during the summer months, the star promise that you will be able to make the right decision that will be important for the future of. But those decisions will be primarily in finance and business.
Listen to the inner voice in August, because you have to take a lot of serious solutions. Highly successful investment becomes real estate or housing repair. During this period, there may be some misunderstanding of other family members, need to engage in dialogue and reflect on their behavior. And how would you received, you can take it with boldness — your actions are correct.
Fall Taurus should pay more attention to their friends and family. More help them with their problems is very appreciated and expected from you. Even minor problems are neglected, because these actions will enable you to boost your self-esteem and make life better.
In December, more stay surrounded by loved ones and you will experience a unique harmony and understanding.