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Horoscope 2016

An astrological overview of all signs of the Zodiac for the year 2016!

Last year has brought the desired slowdown and tranquilization. Of course, for some signs the last year was more quiet than for other members of the Zodiac, but eventually everybody felt relief – without exception. As a result all of us could slow down, put our lives in order, throw away the skeletons from the closets and gain energy for the upcoming year 2016.
Wild, dynamic, restless and a bit stressful. This is what the year 2016 will be like. Do not fear the piece of darkness that the new year brings. On the contrary, take advantage of it and use it to rethink your plans and procedures how to achieve your goals. It is possible that you will have to rethink everything you have achieved or you wanted to achieve, whom you met and should have met – and this, maybe from the very beginnings of your existence up to now. It will be very difficult but believe that the care and efforts you put in it will come back to you at the end of 2016 already.


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